BEACH HOUSE INTERIORS: Decorating with Light Blue

Soften your house interior.

Typically light blue, likewise called powder blue or sky blue, is related to traditional house style. Nevertheless, this calm tone can improve embellishing designs from vintage to contemporary, beachy to lodge, and rustic to classy.

Light blue can differ from pure blue to grey and tan tones. Approach the green, and the outcome is aqua. Include a little bit of red, and you’ll get lavender.

Develop a calming environment.

Psychologists typically state that blue advises us of the sky and the sea and paradise. That’s why it feels so relaxing to the mind and body. Keep light blue in the relaxing variety by integrating it with white, cream, grey and white. The softness these mixes produce is best for bedrooms or restrooms where you wish to produce a relaxing environment.

For a bit more contrast, set light blue with yellow, forest green, sage green or apricot. To spice it up, accent light blue with orange, electric blue, acid green or tomato red. It likewise complements brown, tan, copper, gold and caramel, which are practically opposite blue on the color wheel. And do utilize light blue with all tones of woods, from darkest ebony to lightest oak.

Concepts for including Light Blue.

Think soothing light blue for:
— Paint
— Upholstery
— Rugs
— Window treatments
— Bedding
— Kitchen devices
— Tile and stoneLight blue assists you develop a cool, calm interior that relieves the senses. Include this fragile color to your interior decoration this season.