G’day beach home good friends, well keep in mind those old vintage chairs I discovered a few days ago, hmmm, well among them required to love, freshness and some paint … and it’s not white! If you are averse to either the painting of wood or a touch of zee yellow, please step far from your computer system today.

I chose to pop that onto among these chairs, I did need to take a deep old breath, I still, even after all the numerous things I have painted, feel an odd pang when I paint beautiful wood … the method I take a look at it now however is that whatever I do to it, if it remains in my home and gets liked with us, we’ve waited from land fill …

And that is me and how I prepare on through to the weekend and charming, however,y … with a yellow chair and a pot of yellow paint, I had blended to ideally look like the color of primrose … whatever next?

See you next time with a lot of images of other things.